Wednesday 23 November 2022.12:30pm - 1:00pm

Santanu Duttaa, Ariel Duceyb and Pratim Senguptaa

Modeling affect and ethical perceptions in technoscientific interactions using animation

Contact Author: Santanu Dutta (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

aWerklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Calgary AB T2N 1N4, Canada

bDepartment of Sociology, University of Calgary, Calgary AB T2N 1N4, Canada


We propose a methodological expansion of computational modeling through the use of cinematic animations to model narratives of disciplinary experiences, and demonstrate how such forms of modeling can help us visualize ethical-historical dimensions of experience that are often invisiblized in professional contexts of technoscience (Philip & Sengupta, 2021). While moral undertones have been argued to be implicitly shaping the practice of technologized medicine (Ducey et al., 2020), the cinematic technicalities of animation enables us to specifically represent and amplify affective experiences that are otherwise fleeting or hidden in disciplinary spaces. The significance of such methodological innovations, we argue, is the ethical-historical reorientation (Vossoughi et al., 2020) of disciplinary authenticity in STEM education.