Thursday 24 November 2022. 12:30am - 1:00pm

Solmaz Khodaeifaal

Buoyant force: pedagogical thrust to thrive in learning quantum with innovative pedagogy, curriculum, and pedagogical tools

Contact Author: Solmaz Khodaeifaal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5A1S6, Canada


If we carefully look at the issue of heavy science curriculum (a curriculum full of content learning with various concepts and topics), we accept how it slows the student’s progress and makes their learning harder. It seems that heavy curriculum does not let the student advance easily, and the student moves with some difficulty to the higher level. I, here, assume that you do not agree and accept this perspective. I utilize a concept in science and its scientific logic to convince you that heavy curriculum alone is not productive and effective with regards to the improvement in students’ science learning. However, this heavy curriculum can be truly constructive and progressive when it is accompanied with the right innovative pedagogical thrust (upward force—an effective push for constructive progress) with deliberation in a positive collaborative learning environment.