Wednesday 23 November 2022.10:30am - 11:30am

Organisers: Pratim Sengupta, Marie-Claire Shanahan

Centering dignity in computing and STEM education

Other members

Megha Sanyal, Pallavi Banerjee, Santanu Dutta, Simren Trehin, Apoorve Chokshi, Basak Helvaci Ozacar, Ayush Gupta, Homi Bhabha


The goal of this symposium is to offer epistemological, methodological, and axiological orientations for challenging technocentric approaches (Papert, 1987) that have primarily defined computing and STEM education (Sengupta et al., 2021). Technocentric approaches center the production of technological artifacts over the complexity of human experience and can lead to further marginalization of learners from non-dominant backgrounds (Margolis, 2017). In contrast to centering the "charisma" of the computer (Ames, 2019), the papers in this symposium offer ways to center dignities of learners from non-dominant backgrounds in computing and STEM education.